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We offer custom-made technological solutions to improve your business performance including digital transformation, process automation, data consulting and analysis, predictive modeling, AI implementation, dashboards and reporting services.

Data Analysis / Consulting

Digital Transformation

Dashboards and Automated Reports

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AI implementation

Model generation

Data solutions

  • data strategy and management
  • analysis and automated reporting
  • process optimization
  • business Intelligence and dashboards

AI implementation

  • model generation for decision making
  • custom – made GPT development

Evidence based solutions

  • research
  • policy and regulatory analysisg


Christian Norton

Managing Partner

During the past 15 years, Christian has successfully led high-impact data-driven solutions in the fields of justice, connectivity, health, education, and energy, helping bring much needed services closer to the Mexican population.


Christian was recently involved in the design and launch of the Federal Judiciary Council’s most recent open data project, contributing to the curation of big data sets and the development of easy-to-use interactive dashboards that display relevant data from Mexico’s Judiciary Power.


He has led projects involving big data analysis and the use of AI in public health, like the development of the “CHKT en línea” mobile app, which represents the main digital tool used by The Mexican Social Security Insitute (IMSS) to identify people at risk of suffering Diabetes or Hypertension.

He also participated in the design and implementation of apps aimed at helping users of digital products and services take better and more informed decisions during his work at Mexico’s Federal Telecommunications Institute (IFT). During that time he also participated in the design and implementation of key regulatory measures and competition resolutions to bridge Mexico’s digital gap.


Christian graduated with honors from the master’s in public policy program from The University of Chicago and holds a bachelor’s degree in economics from ITAM.

Carlos Tendilla

Data Scientist

Over the past 15 years, Carlos Tendilla has showcased a profound skill set in data strategy, management, analysis, AI implementation, and algorithm development. He played a key role in redesigning the data architecture of statistics at the Federal Judiciary Council’s latest open data project. Carlos has actively engaged in data set curation, ETL processes, and analysis, ensuring robust data governance. In the realm of management, Carlos has overseen the implementation of mass data migration in Social Security Systems, showcasing his ability to navigate complex data landscapes with efficiency and precision. His analytical proficiency is reflected in projects like CHKT en Línea, where he contributed to the development and validation of disease risk models.


Carlos Tendilla’s skill set extends beyond traditional roles, encompassing a comprehensive understanding of data architecture and governance. His experience in implementing AI solutions and crafting machine learning algorithms underscores his commitment to driving innovation in projects that impact diverse business models and social project.

Uriel Chávez
Lead Developer

Over the past 15 years, Uriel Chávez has excelled in software development, specializing in systems implementation, web development, and AI-driven solutions. He has led projects that enhanced organizational operations through ERP and CRM systems, driven innovation in big data analysis, and improved decision-making with AI implementation.


Uriel holds a specialization in Big Data Analysis from the University of Southern California (USC) and a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Systems from the Universidad del Valle de México (UVM). His technical proficiency includes Python, Java, Javascript (React, Nodejs, nextjs, Angular), C++, PHP, R, SQL, Typescript, Docker, AWS, Google Cloud, Enterprise Continuum, and Enterprise Architecture. Uriel’s expertise and innovative approach make him a valuable asset in delivering high-impact technological solutions.

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